Stunning Breakdown of VFX Demo reel by Yggdrazil Group

VFX Demo Reel: Yggdrazil Group is one of the leading VR studios in Bangkok, Thailand. They provide full post production services and production support for commercials, feature film, game, cinematic, tv series, VR360.

This commercial with stunning motion graphics reel is a pure thrill to watch. It just looks wow, and their a lot that beginners can learn about VFX.

We enjoyed watching this work (and their other works too) and hope you will love it too too. A man sitting with a tiger head is an awesome representation of boldness, and more.

Here’s their VFX Demo Reel:

YGGDRAZIL, founded in 2006 by Mr. Tanat Juwiwat and Mr. Saroot Tubloy, is a small creative studio yet full of enthusiasm. The company has already proven itself to the fast-moving world of visual effect. Though it’s a small company, they have dedicated workforce, who put hours of together to create stunning motion graphics.