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Video Camera & Camcorder Accessories – Find out which are the essential ones that you need to have for your digital camera gear.

As the name suggests, video camcorder accessories are the extra things which you need besides your video camera.

Video camera accessories would usually include things like battery, charger, adapter, mics, tripods and so on.

Some of the video camcorder accessories come along with the camcorder, whereas some can be bought later depending on your needs and how much you want to improve the quality of your work.

Once you become an accomplished player, eventually you will end up owning almost all of these video camera accessories. By then if are getting paid for your skills, you should not mind making those investments 🙂

Don’t Misplace Them

Video camcorder accessories are the easiest to misplace, so make sure you are careful with them.

You maybe not misplace them at home but definitely if you go outdoors for shooting!

It is a good practice to make a checklist of all the video camera accessories when you go out for shooting. This will ensure that you come back with all of them.

Which Video Camcorder Accessory Should You Own?

All the camcorders nowadays come with a standard set of components, the others you can buy as you become more experienced and accomplished.

  • Battery, Charger & Adapter
  • You get these along with your camcorder! The battery is needed to power your camcorder, and is rechargeable. An AC adaptor will supply mains power and also act as a battery charger.

    A lithium button battery is also provided which should be inserted into the camera. It stores information such as the current time and date.

  • Tripods & Monopods
  • A tripod is a very useful video accessory regardless of what you are shooting. It gives you that extra stability, especially when shooting fast sequences, though it is not just confined to sport or action shots.

    If you have been shooting for some time, you must have experienced that there are numerous occasions when the lack of a sturdy camera mount has rendered a shot unwatchable.

  • External Microphones / Headphones
  • Though you can use the built-in microphone of your camcorder, they have certain limitations which you will realize with experience.

    In that case, you can go in for an external (plug-in) microphone which will operate on top of or near the camcorder when recording.

    If your camcorder doesn’t have a microphone jack input, check if it has a hot accessory shoe. You can connect an external microphone to it.

  • Portable Lighting
  • Need to record in a dark place? You will need to provide ample illumination!

    You can buy a battery-operated-light as a video accessory that can either sit onto the camcorder’s accessory shoe (if it has one) … or to a bracket attached to the camcorder’s tripod screw adaptor on its underside.

    A word of advice here is to treat the portable lamp as a back-up source, rather than your main supply.

  • Getting Connected with Cables
  • Coming to cables, you will need them for a couple of purposes, and almost all the camcorders will be initially supplied with these cables.

    AV cable – For viewing your video on a TV screen! Depending on the camcorder, you may also be able to record from a TV/VCR to a tape/disk within the camcorder.

    USB Cable – For transferring still pictures and compressed email-type video clips to and from a computer.

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