Project pairs one filmmaker with one poet to create amazing short films

Bushwick (New York) based filmmaker Michelle Cheripka wanted to change the way people felt about poetry. Here initiative, The Visible Poetry Project, is an attempt to do that; it features the collaborative work of one filmmaker, paired with one poet.

The colorful Hate for Sale, from Dutch animator Anna Eijsbouts, is based on an original poem, about hate, by Neil Gaiman. Checkout this unique, creative, gorgeous style, and Neil Gaiman’s words work wonderfully here.

The Visible Poetry Project makes poetry more accessible by lifting words off the page and transforming them into short films – animated as well as live-action.

“We wanted the filmmakers to be able to connect with a poet whose work really spoke to them and to also see them rethinking the way they approach their own medium. To see them applying grammar to visual film has been amazing, especially in seeing how different the interpretations can be,” says Cheripka.

The initiative features an eclectic mix of filmmakers from different backgrounds. Some are NYU students, others are critically acclaimed artists like Dutch animator Anna Eijsbouts and documentarian Frances Negrón-Muntaner (“War in Guam”).

Here’s another of their interesting videos (Visualized by Marc Burnett. Poem by Bob Holman).

You can see more videos here.