VR and Gaming Come Into Focus in 2017

The concept of VR has been talked about for decades, but its only in recent times, you can see lot of real action happening in that space. Virtual reality lets gamers have the most immersive gaming experience one can have.

While experts are predicting virtual reality to make a huge impact on the gaming industry, its impact was rather subdued last year. A couple of reasons for that was most headsets were priced much higher. With headsets costing around $500 (at the time of writing) and PC’s capable of playing those games, costing a little bit more, VR gaming was a bit expensive for many. Also, manufacturers are still figuring out ways to completely eliminate the effect of fatigue & dizziness on players, resulting from VR.

With several moderately priced headsets getting introduced in the market, the sales of virtual reality headsets did pick up during Christmas in 2016. Headsets like Oculus rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens are compatible with a PC and have seen enormous success since their release. And with virtual reality spreading its wings in all aspects of online experiences, the same is bound to happen in the Gaming Industry as well.

There are several impressive demos and proof-of-concepts out there that demonstrate how VR will enhance the gaming experience. Puzzle games, driving simulators, space/flight combat games, are some of the popular VR games that people are already enjoying. You can even use VR devices to play the most popular casino games.

However, hardcore gamers are waiting for games that will showcase the real power of VR. While there may not be many such games right now, the good thing is that Virtual reality, being a new medium, is attracting several creative people, including filmmakers, who are intrigued by the new medium and are developing content for it. More and more developers are now developing VR games titles.

Not only can one expect interesting and unique games coming out in the near future, even the VR-capable hardware should get significantly cheaper from here on. And with people already owning high-end PCs, upgrading to VR can really enhance your gaming experience beyond what it is now.