Top Webcam Reviews: Find the best ones for your needs

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Webcam Reviews

Webcam Reviews: Find the best options available for various prices.

What is a Webcam?

A webcam is basically a video camera connected to a computer or computer network with the purpose of capturing images in real time.

It is usually connected to the computer using a USB cable, FireWire cable, or similar cable.

Webcams are popular low cost devices that can be used to create short videos for sharing on the internet.

Varied Uses

They are used primarily for video chatting, video conferencing and can also be used to record videos.

Other types of web cameras are used for activities such as surveillance, video broadcasting, and even for recording social videos.

How to Buy the Right Webcam for Your Needs

Best Buy Webcam
Need to buy a Webcam? Here’s a simplified guide that explains how to buy the best one for your needs.

Though most use a webcam just for communicating over the internet, there are many more uses to it.

Best Buy Webcam

For certain purposes, the webcam is the easiest way to quickly produce videos that can also be put up on the internet. It can capture videos as well as still pictures, depending on the program that you use.

For specific surveillance type of work, you may need to look at more features, but for generic uses it is better to go in for value for money products, with ease of use and something that has a smooth motion.

You also need something that can capture the audio well. If the quality of the video is very important to you, you can also choose an HD one.

Here are some more features that you may find useful, and which is available on some of the models.

Clear Graphics
Better graphics and good quality microphone is what you need to gave a good video chatting experience. An improved graphics chip means the video quality will be better.

USB Microphone
These are the easiest to setup, just plug-n-play. If your laptop or computer doesn’t have a mic, you can use this this instead.

Limited setup Requirements
In fact most recent webcams need no additional software to run, you just plug it into the computer and start using it.

So you don’t have to worry about any drivers, or install any extra program, just start chatting instantly.

Adjustable Clip
Do you have multiple computers / laptops? If yes, then you should try to get one with a flexible clip that can be adjusted to fit any laptop or LCD monitor. So go and get a webcam with microphone right away.

More Features
Looking for better video quality, here are some more things to look for when buying a webcam:

  • What is the frame rate (how many frames per second can it capture)?
  • Is the motion of the camera smooth?
  • What’s the camera resolution, How many megapixels?
  • Does it have auto-focus, can it refocus while tracking a moving target?
  • Webcam with Microphone: Provides Better Audio quality

    Webcam with Microphone Better Audio is Important
    Though you may not want the audio quality to be as good as you get on some of the good mp3 players, webcams nowadays are coming with far better audio quality.

    In fact, the better also employ noise cancellation technologies so that you have access to clear voice chats.

    Here’s a video that shows How to Broadcast Your Webcam & Microphone

    Logitech Quickcam: What Makes Them Popular Webcams?

    Logitech Quickcam Logitech Quickcam Reviews: Checkout the various options available in this series and the best option for your requirements.

    What is QuickCam?
    QuickCam is a line of webcam video camera products by Logitech (original developed by Connectix and later acquired by Logitech).

    Various Options
    There are several models in this series, and the higher models incorporate high-quality Carl Zeiss lens to deliver razor-sharp images.

    The QuickCam Pro models use digital zoom, built-in microphone, and high-quality VGA CCD sensor to deliver the best audio video quality.

    Logitech Quickcam

    The picture quality from the Pro webcam is very clear, even when lighting is not adequate. You can zoom in or out, even pan and tilt to get the right shot.

    If you do a lot of interviews or product reviews, you can easily create movies like a pro with studio-quality video editing software.

    If you pick up one of the budget Logitech Quickcams, it could be sensitive to background noise (most inexpensive ones do this) and pick up some of it, especially if you have loud music playing in the background.

    Here’s a video reviewing the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro USB Webcam

    using the Webcam Recording Software

    Here’s How to Record Webcam (Using Webcam Recording Software).

    Here are the steps:

    • Launch the webcam recording software
    • Click ‘Upload Media’ or Record (depends on the software)
    • Choose ‘Record Video’ – this should start the video capture feature
    • Enable flash to use your webcam and microphone.
    • Record your video by clicking the record button (usually red colored) to start
    • You can stop/end the video by clicking the same Rec button again.
    • Click ‘Save’ and your webcam video will be saved

    Once you have the video file, you can edit the video and share it with others or upload on YouTube. You can transform videos (add your titles, text boxes, and music!) and share them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more.

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