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Best Gaming Monitors

Here are top Gaming Monitors that will enhance your gaming experience manifold. These gaming monitors allow you to experience all the action clearly minus tearing, flicker, blur and other motion related issues. Recommended Gaming Monitors ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [VG245H] Get the complete Console Gaming Experience. 1080p, 1ms Rapid Response Time, 75Hz, […]

Gaming Computers: Guide

gaming computer

There is a popular myth that gaming computers are expensive; however, its interesting to note that gaming video card and computer manufacturers earn maximum revenues from their low and medium range PC offerings. Here’s more on gaming pcs/computers. What is a Gaming Computer? A gaming computer, gaming rig or gaming PC is specifically designed for […]

Sager Gaming Computers/Laptops

gaming laptop

Sager gaming computers (laptops) are preferred by gamers for their high performance design and customizable build. Many of these Sager computers feature HDMI support and full 1080p HD, making them ideal for modern gaming. From first person shooters to RTS games, Sager laptops are great purchases for the dedicated gamer. Sager computers are known for […]

Hard Drives for Gaming Computers

computer hard drive

Hard Drives for Gaming Computers: Here we take a look at popular external hard drives, they are expensive but worth the money if you can justify the need for the extra storage space. Nowadays, the major performance bottleneck in modern gaming systems is not because of the CPU, graphics card, or RAM speed/size, as their […]

Cheap Gaming Computers

computer motherboard

Cheap Gaming Computers: Building a Value Gaming PC on a tight budget requires you to make some difficult decisions. Without a constraint on budget, building a nice gaming PC is easy – you just gave to pick up the fastest parts available, and your gaming computer is ready. Unfortunately, for most of us, this scenario […]

Xbox Wireless Controller

xbox wireless controller

Like many fans, if you’re also looking forward to the launch of the new wireless Xbox controller (which was unveiled recently), your wait is going to end soon. Amazon has started offering the black and white models. Microsoft hasn’t changed the controller too much (for the newer Xbox One console), keeping its popular design mostly […]

iPhone Gaming Controller

iPhone Gaming Controller

iPhone is not just good for photos and videos; you can even use it as a gaming controller. Now you can enjoy your favorite games, while on the go, using this iPhone gaming controller. This accessory turns your old iPhone into a controller, and also extends its battery life so that you can enjoy your […]

Play Atari PONG on your Coffee Table

Now make your coffee table space more exciting with the ATARI pong. ATARI pong is a real-life pong with moving pixelated balls and paddles, old retro sounds, bouncing lights, and has a similar mechanics that made the original game so popular. The playable coffee-pong table uses electronics, electric motors and magnetic fields. It has a […]

Extreme Gaming Computers / PCs

gaming computer

Extreme Gaming Computers / PCs are those that have overwhelming power, but then, you pay for it accordingly. When you talk about extreme gaming computers, you don’t really expect to see something that everyone has. So these computers will use an all metal chassis, are built to handle any cooling solution, have dedicated exhaust chamber, […]

Custom Built Gaming Computers

computer processor

No doubt a computer is a useful gadget, but while one computer may seem perfect for one person, it may not be to the liking of someone else. This is because the components inside a computer can vary a lot. For this reason, many people are opting to have their computer systems custom built. Here, […]

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Review

The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel gives a realistic feel of the world’s greatest circuits feel, and is designed to deliver the definitive sim racing experience for the PC and PLAYSTATION3. Sliding sideways around a gravely curve, screaming through the streets of Monaco, feels quite real with this accessory. The G27 wheel replaces the outgoing G25 […]

Elgato Game Capture Device 10025010

The gaming experience is all about sharing. With Elgato Game Capture HD, you can record and stream your Xbox or PlayStation gameplay and share your journey with friends, fans and generations to come. Elgato Game Capture HD uses advanced hardware H.264 encoding to capture your gameplay in stunning 1080p Full HD, while keeping the file […]

Best Gaming Keyboards

Best Gaming Keyboards reviewed here. If you are a serious gamer, and like to play on your desktop computer, you need the right gear for a good game. By gear we mean, the right computer, the right keyboard etc. The keyboard is especially important considering you will be using it a lot in your games, […]

Best Gaming Mice

Reviews of the best Gaming Mice available on the market. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse. Precise Sensor. Comfortable Grip. The eSports Gaming Mouse. This one is nicely designed to fit snugly under your palm, the ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable for the best gaming experience ever, especially during the most […]

Benefits of Online Games

If you think online games only spell trouble, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, if you are capable of investing some of your free time, taking into various categories of different online games, you will be able to appreciate the different benefits it offers. Indeed, playing online games can be enjoyable and fun […]

How to Fix the PS3 Light Issue

If you are a gaming fan and follow the latest news on gaming consoles, you must be aware of the recent problem with PS3 called as the “Yellow Light of Death”. The “Yellow light of death” refers to the blinking of the lights (red , yellow, Green colors) on your play-station ps3 console. This is […]

Review of Playstation Eye For Playstation 3

Here’s a review of the Playstation Eye For Playstation 3. Before Microsoft and Nintendo ever got serious with tracking motion based features for gaming, PlayStation had already been in the market with the EyeToy for PlayStation 2. The popular accessory got an upgrade for the PlayStation 3, dubbed the PlayStation Eye, which features more sensitivity […]

PlayStation 4 500GB Console – Star Wars Battlefront Console

playstation 4 star wars battle front console

PlayStation 4 500GB Console – Star Wars Battlefront Console: Comes with fully customized PlayStation4 and DualShock4 wireless controller inspired by Darth Vader. Pros: The console is beautiful Cons: Battlefront game lacks in content Features: Includes: customized 500GB Darth Vader PlayStation 4 System and 1 customized DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, AC Power Cable, HDMI Cable, USB […]

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